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How we are keeping Covid-19 Secure

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Oplo’s initial response to the Coronavirus pandemic was to support all of our employees to work remotely and as the lockdown restrictions ease we have been following the Government advice and preparing our offices to ensure they are COVID-19 secure for our employees to gradually return.

Our COVID-19 specific risk assessment has been conducted in partnership with our external Health & Safety advisor and our employees to ensure we provide a safe working environment where everyone feels comfortable and the risk of catching and spreading the virus is minimal.

What are the key things we have done?

  • Regular review of the Government advice, ensuring all employees are aware of key updates.
  • Carried out an initial risk assessment specific to COVID-19 which we continue to review and update.
  • Continued to encourage home working wherever possible to limit the number of employees in the office.
  • Taken all reasonable steps to help employee’s maintain a 2 meter distance whilst working in the office.
  • Stopped all non-essential visitors to our offices.
  • Introduced a daily cleaning regime focusing on communal areas, welfare areas, office equipment and common contact points.
  • Ensured antibacterial handwash and hand sanitiser gel is available and remind employees about the importance of regular handwashing.