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Are you looking for a £7,000 loan?

With a personal loan of £7,000, life can be that little bit easier. Maybe you need to make some essential home improvements or buy a new set of wheels. You could be budgeting for a big holiday or planning your dream wedding day. Alternatively, you could be looking to cover some unexpected costs or consolidate debt to give you one manageable monthly payment. Whatever you’re borrowing money for, you could qualify for a £7,000 unsecured loan with us, even if you have had a poor credit score.

We know that applying for a loan can be difficult, especially if you have been turned down by another lender before. That’s why, at 1st Stop, we consider more than just your credit history. We’ll assess your personal circumstances to determine if you can comfortably pay back your chosen loan amount. Our various loan options mean you can tailor the terms to suit you. You can borrow up to £15,000 and pay it back over 24–72 months. We’ll also give you an instant, no obligation quote using a soft credit check that won’t affect your credit score at all.

If you’re thinking of borrowing £7,000, whether you want to create the perfect wedding celebrations or simply clear your credit card debt, then we could help. To get started, use our handy loan calculator and enter how much you want to borrow and for how long. We can then tell you how much your monthly payments may be and the total amount you will repay based on a representative APR (the interest rate or term you are offered may vary depending on your circumstances). Once you’re happy, you then apply for a loan online in just a few clicks. It really is that easy!

Unsecured Personal Loans from Oplo

Here at Oplo we offer unsecured personal loans from £2,000 to £15,000 subject to your personal circumstances, simply complete our online application form for a decision. Whether you’re looking for a new car, redesigning your kitchen or thinking of a major purchase, our unsecured personal loan could help to make your plans a reality. 30.8% APR Representative (fixed).