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Are you looking for a debt consolidation loan?

If you have multiple debts, then we understand just how difficult things can be. With so many monthly payments, interest rates and deadlines to keep track of, it can often feel that you’re not in control of your finances. Plus, if you forget or fall behind on just one repayment, this could have a negative effect on your credit score. As a result, you may be seen as a higher risk and, therefore, be more likely to be turned down by a lender.

Thankfully though, a debt consolidation loan from Oplo could be just the answer you need. You can merge all those existing debts into one, easily manageable new loan. That means you can stop keeping tabs on multiple lenders and make your debt management so much more straightforward. By consolidating your debt, you’ll have just one monthly payment to make, so you can pay off debt without all the hassle.

If it sounds like debt consolidation could help you, then you can use our handy consolidation calculator to work out how much you could pay back. It’s completely free and so easy to use. Just enter how much you need to borrow to consolidate your debt using the adjustable sliders. We offer consolidation loans between £2000 to £15000. Next, tell us how long you want to repay your loan between 24–72 months. We’ll then show you how much your monthly loan payment may be, as well as the total amount you’ll pay off based on a representative APR (the interest rate or term you’re offered will vary depending on personal circumstances).

A consolidation loan from Oplo lets you take control by restructuring any types of debt you may have into a better option for you. So, whether you have a good credit history or not, apply today for an instant, no obligation quote .

Unsecured Personal Loans from Oplo

Here at Oplo we offer unsecured personal loans from £2,000 to £15,000 subject to your personal circumstances, simply complete our online application form for a decision. Whether you’re looking for a new car, redesigning your kitchen or thinking of a major purchase, our unsecured personal loan could help to make your plans a reality. 30.8% APR Representative (fixed).