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Are you looking for a soft search loan?

When you apply for a loan, most lenders will need to perform a credit check on you before they can tell you if you qualify. While this won’t necessarily affect your credit score, the search can show up on your credit history if your chosen lender decides to check your credit using a ‘hard’ search. This will leave its mark and other lenders will be able to see this if you apply for a personal loan elsewhere.

Having multiple applications for personal loans can potentially make you appear as a greater risk to lenders and this can end up contributing towards poor credit ratings. As a result, this can make it much more difficult for you to borrow funds in the future. However, these kind of checks are essential for lenders to check your eligibility before lending you the requested funds.

If we do offer you an unsecured loan and you decide to go ahead with your application, only then will we perform a hard credit check. So, whether you have good or bad credit history, you can get an instant decision with complete peace of mind. Plus, to find the best loan options before you apply, you can use our helpful online calculator to work out how much you may be borrowing, for how long and how much you’ll repay. This calculation is based on a representative APR, so the interest rate or term you are offered will vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Unsecured Personal Loans from Oplo

Here at Oplo we offer unsecured personal loans from £2,000 to £15,000 subject to your personal circumstances, simply complete our online application form for a decision. Whether you’re looking for a new car, redesigning your kitchen or thinking of a major purchase, our unsecured personal loan could help to make your plans a reality. 30.8% APR Representative (fixed).