Oplo Promise - Oplo

The Oplo Promise

to our customers, our people and our planet
The Oplo Promise

For our Customers this means:

We’ll give you the best deal we possibly can, offering you the products that best meet your needs.

  • We’ll always look for ways to lend rather than not lend – even if you’ve had a financial hiccup in the past.
  • We’ll look for ways to help you manage your money and help improve your credit score.
  • We’ll treat your data safely and ethically, and we’ll never use it for anything you have not given permission for.
  • We’ll make it easy for you to contact our UK-based customer care team, and we’ll aim to resolve any challenge you experience the first time you tell us about it.
The Oplo Promise

For our People this means:

  • We’ll provide a stimulating and creative environment that recognises and supports your wellbeing.
  • We’ll be a fair and understanding employer who encourages enterprise and enables your potential.
  • We’ll nurture an inclusive, diverse culture that empowers you to do the best and recognises your achievements.
  • We’ll champion your personal development, helping you identify your goals and supporting you in achieving them.
  • We’ll engage proactively and collaboratively with our brokers, partners and suppliers, treating them fairly and with respect.
The Oplo Promise

For our Planet this means:

  • We’ll implement ways to help us become carbon neutral by the end of 2021.
  • We’ll continue to be an environmentally conscious business that gives back to our community as we grow.
  • We’ll work in partnership with others in our local and national communities to create positive social impact.

We will Power Your Potential.
Our People’s Potential.
Our Planet’s Potential.