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Oplo Impact

Environmental, Social & Governance

What can we say about ‘ESG’ that thousands of other companies haven’t said a million times already?

And more importantly why would you believe it? Well, hear us out. Here are just a few ways Oplo Impact supports our environment, society, and company governance.

Oplo Impact sends the right signals.

We know ‘virtue signalling’ companies pose as friends to the people and planet all the time, using ESG as a marketing tool. But creating positive change is why Oplo exists – powering people’s potential with a fairer and greener way to borrow. We can’t fake it. It’s who we are.

Oplo Impact

Big company, small heart? Not Oplo.

Are we a big company? Sure, and we’re growing all the time. We want to be the biggest of our kind in the UK! But we’re doing everything we can to grow the right way. We’re bringing in people who fit the culture and we’re promoting ESG issues from within.

What we've achieved so far

Carbon Neutral
Our goal for Oplo is to be carbon neutral by 2022. And we're well on the way - with renewable energy, an (almost) paperless office, and a new employee Electric Vehicle (EV) Scheme charging up as you read this!

Paperless Office
Planting a forest doesn't make much sense if we cut another one down for printing paper.  Only key processes in our Home Loans division still require printing. And we're working hard to change that.

Customer Credit Ratings
Over the last year, we've seen almost 20,000 customers improve their credit score. By becoming stronger borrowers, our customers can access even more opportunities to power their potential.

Financial Education
We're creating a financial education programme to teach young people how to manage their money, prepare for making big financial decisions, and to always borrow responsibly.

Payroll Giving
Payroll giving removes another barrier to getting involved with ESG. The Oplo team can donate to any causes they care about directly from their pay, with zero hassle.

Community and Charity Support
Oplo is proud to support MIND, The Christie NHS Foundation, and The Boathouse Youth. And the number of initiatives we support will continue to grow as we do!

Oplo Leadership
Our Board and Senior Management Team shape Oplo's sustainable growth on the way to becoming the UK's largest lender to the new mainstream market, with our fairer and greener way to do business. All while leading by example in our ESG efforts.

The Oplo Promise
To ensure we never lose our way on the road ahead, we've made some key commitments  to our people, partners, and customers. We call this The Oplo Promise.